About Ajou LINC+
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    Family Company
  • The Ajou Family Company System for industry-university cooperation is a program which seeks mutual development. The university completes consumer-oriented education and collaborative regime through sharing tailored educational, human, and physical resources between the university and business and by having business sharpen its technological edge and letting the university establish a system for reflecting industrial needs.
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    IAC Fellow
  • The program aims to bring substance into the operation of the industry-university cooperation program and strengthen the networking for the university and the industry by tapping into the working skills of the former and current industrial professionals group (Industry-University Cooperation Fellows) to train industrially tailored talents, support Ajou Family Company, and achievement spreading activities.
Hands-on Work Support Center
We nuture many talented and creative human resourses with practical skills for job through Internship(Hands-on Work)
program and Capstone Design program(project class learning skills on the job).
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